Eastside Baptist Church - where God is praised and disciples are made!
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Eastside Baptist Church

Our Mission

To preach, teach and promote the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ by all Scriptural means available to the saving of the lost and the encouraging, equipping and strengthening of the saved.
Matthew 28:19-20


Spiritual Renewal

A New Believer's Prayer

"Father, I invite Jesus Christ to be my personal Savior. I am sorry for my sins and I confess them to You. I need You and believe Jesus died for me, personally, on the Cross and rose again so that I might live forever. Thank You for coming into my life to be my Savior."

A Backslider's Prayer

"Father, in view of all Your mercies and grace to me, I offer myself to You as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to You. It is the only reasonable and logical thing for me to do, and from this moment on I will not allow my life to be pressed into the world's pattern and mold. Rather, I will become more and more like You through a renewal of mind and heart, proving and testing day by day what Your good, pleasing and perfect Will is for my life. In short, Father, I want to be Your servant. I want to lose my life to find it again."

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